Oak Island Pier

Oak Island PierOak Island Pier is located on the barrier Island of Oak Island in Southeast North Carolina. Yaupon Beach was originally a coastal resort that was incorporated as a town in 1955. It merged with neighboring Long Beach in 1999 to form the town of Oak Island and turing the Yaupon Beach Pier into the Oak Island Pier. Both the beach and the pier have weathered many hurricanes and storms, including two of the most powerful in this area Hazel in 1954 and Floyd in 1999.

The pier is noted for it’s excellent saltwater fishing. Prime fishing starts around the first of April with large Bluefish followed by Spanish, Trout and Flounder. King Mackerel start to show up when the the water temperature rises to the mid 60s. Other species caught include Cobia, Virginia Mullet, Pompano, Spots, Sharks, Tarpon, Amberjack, Jack Crevalle, Sheepshead, Black Drum, Red Drum, Croaker, Grey Trout, Ladyfish, Spadefish, and Pinfish.

Yaupon Beach Pier in 1950

Pier passes are valid from 6am to 6am the following day and prices from from $10-$16 daily. Season passes and extended day passes are also available. For more information about the Oak Island Pier you can visit their website by clicking here.

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