Home Builders

Oak Island Home Builders

Oak Island Home Builders

Accurate Building, Inc.
106 SE 22nd Street
Oak Island, NC 28465
Phone: 910-540-4663

Bill Clark Homes
3702 Pond Pine Court
Southport, NC 28461
Phone: 910-457-6670


Buff Builders, Inc.
109 SE 36th Street
Oak Island, NC 28465
Phone: 910-294-1463

Centerline Realty & Development
4002 Executive Park Blvd., Unit 700
P.O. Box 11060
Southport, NC 28461
Phone: 910-620-8883
[email protected]

Coastal Development & Realty
8118 E. Oak Island Drive
Oak Island, NC 28465
Phone: 910-278-6111
Phone: 888-278-2611

D & S Surveying & D & S Building Contractors
2905 Blue Sky Drive, SW
Holden Beach, NC 28462
Phone : 910-201-1880
Phone : 704-242-0500

David Cronick Construction
P.O. Box 10524
Southport, NC 28461
Phone: 910-279-4630

E. Bryan English Builders
4831-4 Port Loop Road, SE
Southport, NC 28461
Phone: 910-454-9400

Geoff Weatherwax Construction, Inc.
St. James Plantation
2768 Pinecrest Drive, SE
Southport, NC 28461
Phone: 910-253-4423

Hagood Homes, Inc.
4322 Ashfield Place, Southport, NC 28461
P.O. Box 1369
Wrightsville Beach, NC 28480
Phone: 910-454-4597

Master Craftsman, Inc. – Fire & Water Resorations
4819 Port Loop Road
Southport, NC 28461
Phone: 910-457-1212
Phone : 800-380-9008

NC Properties Construction Company, Inc.
5129 Minnesota Drive
P.O. Box 11057
Southport, NC 28461
Phone: 910-457-5666

Plantation Builders
3921 Executive Park Blvd., Suite A
Southport, NC 28461
Phone: 910-457-0709

Schumacher Homes of North Carolina
6801 Parker Farms Drive, Suite 115
Wilmington, NC 28405
Phone: 910-256-6390
Phone: 866-690-6390

Smithville Company, The,LLC
1304 N. Howe Street
P.O. Box 11515
Southport, NC 28461
Phone: 910-457-9761

Solstice Builders
1226 N. Howe Street
P.O. Box 11459
Southport, NC 28461
Phone: 910-454-9822

Southern Comfort Homes, Inc.
111 Plantation Passage Drive
Bolivia, NC 28422
Phone: 910-754-8991

Southern Shores Development, LLC
5113 Bent Oak Lane
P.O. Box 11084
Southport, NC 28461
Phone: 910-512-7177

Southland Construction Company, Inc.
P.O. Box 278
Oak Island, NC 28465
Phone: 910-278-3800

Wallace Home Builders, Inc.
5022 E. Oak Island Drive, Suite 2
Oak Island, NC 28465
Phone: 910-201-1152

Why Build a Home on Oak Island?

Beautiful Oak Island, North Carolina is comprised of Caswell Beach, Yaupon Beach, and the Long Beach area with almost 15 miles of tranquil sandy beaches.  In addition to the beautiful beach experience Oak Island boasts three fishing piers, excellent local restaurants with fresh seafood, and wonderful boating and golf opportunities.

Fourteen miles of white sandy beach make Oak Island the largest barrier island in southeastern North Carolina with close proximity to the historic towns of Wilmington and Southport.  Fabulous golf is just minutes away – over 700 holes and counting!

Oak Island Real Estate has always provided an affordable alternative in beach living.  What makes us unique compared to other beach towns is the ability to buy property at a very attractive price. Where else can you find the small town atmosphere with its quaint and unique shops, etc., and still have great property values?

There are great opportunities for both those looking purely for an investment and those looking to enjoy living on the island year round (while making a great investment at the same time).

On Oak Island you have a wide choice of Real Estate options from gorgeous homes and quaint older cottages to a section of the Island designated just for lovely condominiums.